Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pork Roast - Three Ways for Three Days

Here is the star of this week's menu, the 5 lb Boston Butt pork roast. It was on sale this week, so I got a pretty big one. A 4 lb roast will cook down to yield about 3 lbs of meat.

To cook a roast this size, I used an oblong, removable crock , slow cooker. You could surely do it in the oven, but for me, the crock pot is so much easier!

First, I rub the meat with a "not too sweet" BBQ dry rub and black pepper. At this point, I don't salt it because it will have other seasonings added and we wouldn't want it too salty.
Plunk it in the slow cooker and add about a cup of water down the side ( so you don't disturb the rub) and turn it on low for about 8-10 hours. If you are in a hurry, do it on high for three hours, and another three on low. It will really depend on your cooker and the roast as to how long it takes. When it is falling apart, it is done.

When the meat is done, take it out of the crock pot and allow it to cool. Shred with a couple of forks, discarding fat and bone.

First meal: Posole soup. The recipe for this is on the previous post. Worth the effort!

Second meal: Burrito filling. Put one portion of the shredded meat in a skillet with one package of your favorite taco or burrito seasoning and one can of diced tomatoes ( with the juice). Cook on low until reduced a little and thickened. To serve, roll it up in flour tortillas ( or high fiber wraps in my case) with sauted onions, peppers and cheese, salsa and lettuce. This Ortega seasoning is my favorite for tacos or burritos because it really has a nice jalapeno punch.

Third meal: BBQ pork. My favorite bottle BBQ sauce is this one. All you gotta do on this BBQ is to put the shredded pork in a baking dish pour the sauce on. Mix it in with a pair of tongs and you are good to go for BBQ sandwiches. Make a little cole slaw and buy some buns and a can of beans and you are set.
These quick fixes could be done with a bunch of chicken, or even a nice beef roast. Try it! It is a great way to utilize all of the piece of meat without feeling like the meal is "leftovers."

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