Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Yesterday morning I got up extra early, and decided to make the family pancakes for breakfast. I got a little carried away with the amount of batter I whipped up, so we had about 4 dozen when it was all said and done. Pancakes are really pretty easy, all that is in them in flour, egg, oil, milk, and baking powder. I add a little vanilla and a couple of teaspoons of sugar to the ones for the family. Sometimes if we REALLY want to be wild, I put in a little applesauce and cinnamon.

They rise up really nice when you add just a little more baking powder than the recipe asks for. A beautiful thing that, no? The great thing about making them in large batches is that if you lay them out in a single layer to cool on a cookie sheet lined with paper towels ( to take out excess moisture from steam) , then freeze them on the cookie sheet, they will store together in a ziplock without becoming a big glob. A minute in the microwave and you have perfect pancakes.

At our house, one customer likes his pancakes with syrup no butter, the other likes hers with "choklit gravy."

Somedays it is worth compromising what is "good for you" just to have a kid up early and in a good mood.

I made these little fellas too...they are "high-fiber, lower carb pancakes" made from bran cereal, whole wheat flour, egg, milk, and baby food. I ate them yesterday with no appreciable problems, but I think they need a little tweaking before I post a recipe. They were certainly tolerable, and perhaps even likeable, but I'm not sure how the texture will hold up through freezing. I'll try them out again over the weekend and let y'all know!
Have a great Wednesday! ( and go on over to the Waffle House or IHOP....I know you want to now)

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