Sunday, September 20, 2009

I might never have to eat again.....

I was just sitting here thinking about the news story that I saw on tv the other night about how there is a proposal to add an additional tax on soft drinks. Gah! More on that later.
Anyway, I was preparing a long rant about how they already tax every vice there is and that if someone needs diet coke to stay off the pipe, they ought not to have to pay 2.00 a can for it. ( I digress) I was searching for a graphic to illustrate and I came across this beautiful thing. I have to say that I have swigged diet coke at the same time as eating a BLT and I remember it feeling right. If they would make Fried Chicken Flavor Diet Dr. Pepper, I might never have to eat again.

Ok, so back to the tax thing. I don't mind paying my fair share, but shoot, tax stuff that is truly a menace to society. Like those dang baggy jeans that show a lot of crack. If they** are worried about the obesity epidemic, make supersizing cost $3.90 instead of .39 . Oh I could go on for a while on this, but I am afraid some not so quaint words might spill out and since this is a family oriented blog, I will have to cut my comments short.

Y'all have a great night. Tonight I am gonna think about the proposed talk show with Paula Deen and Kate Goessling hosting. It is gonna be a combo cooking, beauty, lifestyle thing. I do love Paula, but Kate, well....not so sure how that pairing will work out.

** Who are "they" anyway?

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