Friday, January 22, 2010

When did THIS Happen?

Today is the day before the 7th birthday of the fabulous little lady who runs this household.

I am in the process of scanning THOUSANDS of pictures for her scrapbook, so bear with me as I put a few here to document the change that has taken place in what seems like an instant.

Here is the raw material ................ probably 7-8 months old at this time.

With Daddy before he really was "Daddy." Eerie isn't it?

Good nutrition is important....and this girl is really "into" it.

Who knows, maybe she will be the next Rachel Ray.

Lots of time outdoors is important to our little naturalist.
There is no doubt who the Princess is around here.

Regular additions of seafood and cousins and grandparents speeds the development.

The character is built by regularly scheduled work days.

Sometimes, recreation and education occur at the same time.

Participation in the fine arts adds depth and refining.

While still a work in progress, the seven-year-old has become a lovely young lady and is one of the two absolute joys in our lives............I can't believe it is happening so fast.
I am not sure we are doing it right, but I do know that I am very proud of the way she is turning out so far!
Happy Birthday, Coconut!

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