Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day.....First Installment

Today has turned out to be a "snow day" after all! Actually though, mostly what we have at this point is heavy sleet. Everyone is hunkering down for a long weekend since it is supposed to stay below freezing for the rest of the weekend. Fortunately, none of us had to get out for school or work, so I have a huge pot of chicken cooking on the stove to make some chicken soup ( for the girl) and chicken and dumplings ( for the boy).
When I took this, it had been sleeting for about an hour........when the snow does finally get here, it will have a nice thick crust to stick to. I promise, updates as things develop.

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Sarah said...

Got caught up on your blog, good stuff! :) As usual, I'm behind...but I did get a cute little snow day video made by John-Rob today...the Disney Channel & Rae's kitten are the stars, go check it out if you get a minute! :)