Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mardi Gras Preview.....

It won't be long til Lent, so my assistant and I decided to go ahead and get the party started with a little King Cake. The "cake" is really a simple brioche dough with a sweet cream cheese or cream cheese/fruit or nut filling. This is a big step-out for me because I don't usually do a great job with YEAST. I think it has to do with over-zealous kneading and impatience when rising.

Traditionally there is a small "baby" figurine representing the baby Jesus inserted somewhere in the cake. In our case, it is a monopoly dog. Whomever gets the piece of cake with the baby will have to make the next cake or have the next party ( by one theory) and will be doubly blessed. The colors of gold, green, and purple represent power, faith, and justice.

This particular version has lemon zest in the dough, a cream cheese filling, and a tart lemon glaze. I'll post the recipe with some variations after I make another one Thursday with fruit filling. How does cherry sound?????

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