Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Great Place if you DON'T take the kids!

This weekend I took a whirlwind trip to the coast with my little Coconut and her best friend. We were have a celebratory roadtrip because it was Coco's birthday and she wanted to go to the beach. So, being the nutcase that I am at times, we went! We got there at dinner time, and asked the desk clerk at the hotel where we should have dinner. In most cases, I find this to be a great way to find something that isn't too touristy, but this lady evidently was blind to the fact that the two rowdy first graders jumping on the lobby furniture were with me. She recommended a restaurant named "Shady's" because it has great food and a varied menu. We stowed our stuff and off we went. From the outside, it looked much like any other burger and shrimp joint. Inside, well, it was much nicer than we were expecting. Eclectic asian decor and a menu that had everything from pad tai to mashed potatoes. The seafood selections were great, and there were lots of interesting Tai dishes listed. The thing was, there was NO KID'S MENU. Now not having a kid's menu is fine if you have children who will eat adult food. Fortunately , my girl will, Bestie will not. I know for a fact that my boy child would have been pretty put out, but they did have spaghetti and a great looking burger on the menu that might have suited him.

The place was full and the biggest group in there was about 12 people who appeared to be a wedding party. We sat in the corner to try and stay out of the way.
The highlight of the evening was when Bestie started reading the wine menu pretty loudly and mentioned that she thought $7.50 was pretty expensive for a glass of wine. I had a hard time shushing her because I was laughing. The other tables around us were chuckling too. I guess they agreed.

Coconut finally ordered a shrimp Po' Boy without the bread. They did not have a fried shrimp entree on the menu, but they more than compensated for that by giving her a LOT of shrimp. I would have hated to see the sandwich this many shrimp would have filled! They were really tasty and came with a really nice and spicy cocktail sauce and a spicy ranch dip.

Bestie chose the ever familiar cheeseburger. It was HUGE.......I think she actually ate three bites.

This is a blurry picture of what may be the best grouper sandwich I have ever had. In fact, it might well have been actual grouper instead of " catch of the day" , as they often are. The slaw was really good and the creole tartar sauce was excellent. The seasoning was just right and it was nice and crispy. Next time, I am gonna have to look over the menu a little more closely and maybe try the pad tai. It looks marvy when it came to the table next to us. I was in a real hurry to pick out something, so I just got the grouper .

Since it was a birthday, we got a little dessert for the girls to split. It was a delicious warm brownie with the hardest scoop of ice cream I have ever seen! I think they had to scoop the ice cream ahead of time and store it in a sub zero freezer so that they can just grab it and go. It was frozen so hard that I had to chop it up with a knife for them. The brownie was warm underneath and those are cashews scattered on the top.

They went to work on it ........

and pretty soon it was all gone. Overall, I would say that I will definately go to Sharkey's again, but now that I know what to expect, I would maybe dress a bit nicer and also try and either not take the kids, or go at lunch time if they are going. It is a lovely place, they were really nice to the girls, and the food was excellent. If they only had mac and cheese and chicken nuggets......

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