Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Traditional Build"

I have been so enjoying the HBO series, "No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency". It is based on the books by Alexander McCall Smith, which I read way long ago. The main character is a woman from Botswana who inherits a large herd of cattle when her father dies. She sells the cows and opens a detective agency. Then she hires a quirky secretary and together they solve mysteries against the rich backdrop of African culture. I would recommend that you read the books and watch the series at the same time. In fact, when I was watching the pilot, I was tickled to finally see the characters as they were intended. It just slays me that Mma Ramotswe calls herself.
"A woman of traditional build." (That means fat. really). The show is full of funny moments, but you have to wait for them. It is not an action packed , car crashing, shooting bad guys thing. It has more of a "sitting by the pond with a fishing pole" pace.
It comes on HBO on Sunday night, but the is repeated several times during the week. Watch it!

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