Sunday, April 5, 2009

Running Low on Arnold's

Things will be desperate around here in about a week. I just opened the next to last package of Arnold's sandwich thins. Somebody is going to have to go to Chattanooga or Florida. MUST. HAVE. MORE. Oh it really isn't that desperate, but I am gonna have to send Hippy Chick some $$ to ship me some. I emailed the company and they don't do direct shipment and I called one grocery store here to see if they would order them for me. The bakery manager was out, so I talked to the general grocery person and he acted like I was crazy. Well, I guess I may be, but these things are awesome and they minimally affect my glucose, so I need them.

So everyone who is in this area, call your Schnuck's and tell them you too want Arnold's products and I will work on a way to get them here too. Anything that lets all us "extra-sweet" people have some toast and sandwiches is worth trying to get! Hmmm....maybe the manager of the commissary at the Navy Base????? Joyce, are you reading this???

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