Thursday, April 2, 2009

Starting TODAY!!!!!!

Drake and Zeke reviewed this book and interviewed the author on their show the other day and I have decided to not only read it, but take her advice. Supposedly, cleaning out your closet not only gets rid of stuff you don't need, but helps you re-organize your mind as well. Hmmmm.

My family has a lot of "stuff"...... a lot. Much of it is useless, yet we continue to keep it in boxes and bags and on the floor and in the closet and on the shelves. It collects dust and looks bad, and makes me feel crowded. The kid's rooms, well - I just don't know where to even start in there. My pile of junk consists mostly of books and magazines. The magazines I have no trouble tossing, even if I haven't read them, but the hardcover books, well...they are really hard to let go of. Luckily, I know other people who read, so maybe I can pass some of those along.

I am thinking that I may take Gail Blanke's advice and start with tossing out just 50 things and see where that takes us. I am thinking that if I throw out just one or two things a day, my people might not feel the loss so much. In fact, they likely wouldn't even know I have done it. First thing to go is going to be the box of odds and ends toys in the garage. That will only count for one thing though. Then all the collected crap in my pantry. Laundry room cabinet- gonna be empty.

Hopefully if I get a small start today, I can keep it going. I've already taken several items to the trash can, but now it is full and I'll have to wait until after the pickup today to put anything else in. I am also thinking that one garbage bag full could go to work with me each day and either go home with someone else or into the dumpster.

Any of you have any good ideas about purging the junk? I'd be interested to hear!

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