Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This Friday

Hello friends!

Thanks for hanging in with me on this little blog. I know I have been remiss and have not kept it up for a while, but a lot has been going on! We have had dance competitions and recitals, activities at work, and now we are taking a trip to the Gulf Coast to deliver a LOAD of supplies to the Biloxi Wildlife Care Center so that they can rehab the oiled birds that they are sure to be getting in the near future.

While the wildlife involvement at this point hasn't been as bad as it was with the Exxon spill, there still will be lots of birds, mammals and other sea life affected.

Our plan is to leave Friday am and drive down to the Biloxi Center and drop off all that we have collected. Our friends, family, clients, and collegues have been so wonderful in providing the things needed on the Center's " wish list." Thanks to them, many of the oiled animals will survive!
While I can't do much, I can do this , and hopefully this one thing will make a difference to someone.

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