Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day at the Bay

We spent the morning at the Bay Park in Fairhope. The kids played , fed the birds and fished. My girl was the fishing champion, landing three - two little croakers and a bitsy saltwater catfish.
Here she is holding one right before she tossed him back in.
The boy would rather just cast around. Waiting for something to happen is not his forte.

Feeding the birds was a whole lot of fun, for about 45 seconds. It is amazing though how they can catch a froot loop while hovering over your head.

The bay park was pretty much empty when we arrived. No people, no boats, no nuthin. They do charge an $8.00 gate fee per car, but so worth it. It is free to fish off the piers, but you do have to have a marine fishing license, which you can get online.
There are oil booms out.......but so far the only evidence we have seen of the oil is in the decreased number of people around. Traffic has been easy, and waits at restaurants have been short. The children have been having a great time, and have maybe learned just a little along the way!

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