Friday, May 21, 2010

Gulf Coast Adventures

Today we delivered all the supplies collected in North MS to the Biloxi Wildlife Care and Rehab in Ocean Springs.
Ms. Alison was prepared and had strong male volunteers to unload the stuff.

As a special ( and unexpected ) treat, she showed us a few of the animals in the rehab program. This is a gopher tortoise who was attacked by a German shepherd and had both front legs injured. The white stuff is silvadene cream which helps with healing.

A very special guest at the center is this little sea turtle. It is a rare species, a Kemp's
Ridley Sea Turtle. It was found beached with a fish hook injury. The marks on the top of her neck are from barnacles. She is recovering her strength in a pool until she can be released safely.
The sea turtle smelled distinctly of fish, which made my little ninja back off...

What a face!

Here's another little gopher tortoise. We interrupted his dinner.

Lastly, we took a look at a baby alligator. He was small, but fiesty!
I am so hoping that the kids take away a little bit of why we came here this weekend. It really wasn't about playing in the sand and eating seafood. Maybe they will remember that we did a little something to make a difference in the outcome of even just a few of these animals.

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