Friday, February 19, 2010

Yay! I can have OATMEAL!

Yesterday when I was cruising in the Walmart, I found this SUGAR FREE Instant Oatmeal.

I was so excited because I really like oatmeal, and have missed being able to have it when the mood struck. I know, it is possible to make regular quick-cooking oatmeal without sugar, but I have a real problem with portion control when I make that. I always make more than one serving, and then am compelled to eat more than one serving. This way, one packet is all I have.

The pictures shows the apple cinnamon flavor, but I got the maple/brown sugar variety. ( How can they make it taste like brown sugar when there is no sugar?) At 100 calories, 2 g fat and 15 g net carbs, it sounds like it will fit the bill perfectly.

I just had one packet with 1 tsp of Olive oil margarine and a little extra splenda on top. It didn't taste quite sweet enough without it. I added a boiled egg to round out the breakfast and add some protein, which will slow down the carbs in the oatmeal.

My fasting glucose was 115 ( that is pretty good) this morning, so I guess we will see in a little while how the oatmeal affects it.............. ( Imagine time lapsing here..........)

So, one hour later, glucose is 107, which I feel is pretty darn good considering that it was 115 BEFORE the carbilicious oatmeal. I am thinking about adding a tablespoon of pure oat bran to it next time to see what that does. Hmmmmmm.......

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