Monday, February 15, 2010

Big Top Cupcake

The Big Top Cupcake pan is an item that my children had been begging for , so I found one only after visiting three different Walgreen's. I attempted to make one according to the directions, using one box of cake mix. It didn't fill the pans enough, so on the second attempt, I let the child make it , using TWO boxes of cake mix. It really only needed about 1 more cup of batter, so we baked off the extra in a loaf pan. It will keep in the freezer for a surprise treat later.

The filling on this particular one was the filling mix from a jello "Oreo" no bake dessert, sans the oreo bits. It is just basically a white cream. We topped the white filling with half a jar of strawberry preserves, which ran out the seam when the top was set on. Oh well, it tasted good according to the little pastry chef.

I think that given more time, and less help, I would decorate the next one with a piping tip and actually frost the bottom part, perhaps in a contrasting color. The possibilities are endless!

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