Sunday, February 28, 2010


Usually, I don't have many hair-raising experiences at the grocery store, but today, I was shopping with my mother and we found something downright scarey! IMITATION BOLOGNA!
Come on, bologna is scarey enough as it is.....but imitation? It was sort of a greyish color, but that might have just been the rag on the outside. I tried to read the ingredients, but couldn't make them all out. I might not have wanted to know anyway.
Ever since the tank truck turned over on the interstate and leaked pinkish bologna/hotdog goo on the road, I have sort of not eaten those products too much. However, we do still buy "boloney" because my older child thinks that it is the ONLY thing suitable for his lunchbox, and of course both kids love hotdogs. I admit, I do like it too. I remember my papaw eating bologna, cheese, and crackers nearly every day as soon as he got home from the bakery. It was never a whole lot, just enough to make it 'til supper. Anyway, I still don't know what imitation bologna is, but I do know that we probably won't be having it here!!!!!

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