Monday, July 5, 2010

When we last went to the coast to take supplies to the wildlife rescue group we support, the ladies and I decided to stop by The Shed for a little 'que and to check out the place since it was featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. Let me just say, Guy got this one is a DIVE. We absolutely LOVED it!

First you have to navigate a narrow lot of white slag filled with cars and trucks, and all sorts of bikes. There are some tables under tents at the end of the lot....not sure what they are for, but they overlook some swamp area off the Back Bay of Biloxi.

Like I said, there were bikes everywhere. The bikers that went with them were having a group picture made when we were there.

Walk just a few yards further and you see where the boys chop the wood used to fuel the smokers....... no kidding. They were out there with axes and chain saws cutting up logs.

There is an outdoor "theater" of sorts, and this golf cart ( destination nowhere) is on top. Everything out there is weathered and worn, and held together with nails, screws, rope and I would bet there is duct tape somewhere in the mix.

Even the marquis has a certain flair.

The landscaping was "lush"......... Guess they are going for that unspoiled look.

Inside, the decor is what you might call "Visual Noise". You walk up to the counter, order your food, then when it is ready, the servers walk around calling your first name, then you verify that it is yours by giving your last name. I so wanted to give them the fake name of some famous person. I'm gonna do it next time.

See what I mean about visual noise? Those are rope lights....there must have been a thousand miles of them.

Something about the whole thing made these two grin like they had a secret.

On to the food.....above, the SMALL pulled pork sandwich plate.

Below, the Beef BBQ salad. It was fabulous.
The BBQ sauce is called " Shed Spread" and it was really really good. They do sell bottles of it. Now y'all know what you are getting for Christmas.
So, right in there there was supposed to be a picture of Gail's baby back ribs......however, there is some sort of technical thing going on with either Blogger or me. So you will have to settle for a photo from after the frenzy.

She didn't lick the sauce out of the plate, but I know she wanted to.

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