Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dynamic Duo

Today was the first show for our Dynamic Duo of Miss Coco and Ch. Dazzle's See Me Shine( aka "Joey").
The preparation seemed endless with a lot of training ( for Coco, not the dog) and aquisition of the crate, the dress, the lead, and all the other stuff that is necessary. The tiny dog requires just a bit of trimming and a spit-shine bath.
Unfortunately, being only 7, our girl is not old enough for Junior Handler Competition, so she has to show in the breed competition. Little Joey is already a champion, so he can only enter in the best of variety class, which means there isn't a number placement. Basically there is a winner and best of opposite. There are some other things that are awarded, but I don't have all that figured out yet. The point being here that because there is not graduated placement, wins will likely be far between for these guys, but they both love it, so we will continue to enter as long as it is fun. Who knows, with a little polish, the ribbons might come!
How could anyone not fall in love with either one of them?

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