Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Once upon a time....

........I went to the library and met someone famous.

On Monday night this week, my goofy friends and I trucked it down to the Hernando Public Library to meet one of our favorite authors, Ms. Charlaine Harris. We sure felt like big booknerds, but there were about 347 other goofy booknerds there too! For those of you who live in caves with no books or television, Charlaine is probably most famous for her Southern Vampire Series , aka the "Sookie Stackhouse" books. These entertaining books have inspired an HBO series, True Blood, which is now in it's third delicious season.
Miss Charlaine was entirely gracious as she answered questions from the audience - ranging from what inspires her to where the story is going in the future. She talked a lot about how hard it is to be a serious writer, and how she actually "goes to work" each morning in her office across the carport. She works until noon, takes a lunch break, then goes back to work. Amazing. Like a regular job, only she can wear her pajamas if she wants. She also apologized for killing off a favorite character, Claudine. I personally didn't mind the loss of Claudine, but she better not even THINK about harming the darling Eric Northman. Yes, Charlaine, that is a friendly little threat! ( Just kidding....I know you won't do away with him. )

My girls Lesley and Sarah really enjoyed their momentary brush with fame, even though Les almost had to punch some lady in the neck because she busted in front of us in line.
We got a few minor spoilers and the good news that there is a new Sookie Companion out that will contain a little novella that will feature Pam and Sookie and a trip to Tunica. There are recipes in it too ( Not Charlaine's idea, she said. ) I know I will get this one in hard cover!

After a lengthy talk period, she graciously autographed books and chatted with fans. Good thing most of us have seen cattle work through a chute, 'cause that was sort of how it felt. The little librarians were riding herd and trying to keep the peace. Eventually, everyone got their books signed and had a chance to speak to her. When we got up to the table, we thanked her for coming, then managed to work in plugs for the Tunica Humane society, then quipped about how Claudine dying wasn't NEARLY as painful as Kisten's death in Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series..... She broke out in a smile and said she knew what we were talking about, and that she really pushed the dislike button on that one too! One of Charlaine's causes is support for SPCA, so it sure didn't hurt to speak to her about the plight of the animals in her own home county!
One of the most important things that Charlaine said the whole night was that " There is absolutely no excuse for people not to read." I so wholeheartedly agree. I have been a rabid reader ever since I started reading, and I would love it if my kids turned out to be too. There are so many EXCELLENT books out there to be enjoyed! With libraries, bookstores , and electronic media, books are accessible to everyone, there really is no reason not to read. Through the years I have always found a "book friend" who would read along with me so we could talk about out "stories". At Kirby, it was Susan. At PHC, Sarah. Now, Gail. (I do have to prod Gail a bit though- she has book-o-lepsy. Every time she picks up her kindle, she falls asleep. Maybe they should put an alarm in it when it tilts over as you fall asleep.)
Anyway, the message here is READ! Teach your kids by example that reading is fun and that you can learn about anything you want to just by turning a page! If you can, volunteer at the "liberry" or help out with a literacy program. The rewards are infinate, the price small.
If you happen to read this Charlaine, THANK YOU again for coming and we look so forward to seeing you again. Oh, and say hi to Alex for us!!!!!!

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