Saturday, March 20, 2010

NEXSTAR - 2010

Today was the THIRD dance competition, and man was it a doozy!
First off, we had to wear the false eyelashes. It was a fight to get them on, then the real battle began, keeping them on all day!

Sassy girl!

Two pretty little divas!

Just chillin' between dances.

After a quick lunch of Chinese, we had to have a shoe change by the car.

All smiles and ready for awards!

For the awards, ALL the girls pile onto the stage and wait for the announcements. I'm not sure what this pouting was all about.

Our little tappers got a platinum and a high gold award in the judicated section and then got both FIRST and SECOND place in the 8 and under large group competition. They did two numbers, so that is how they got both the first and second place. I am so very proud of my girl and her little classmates. They definately work really hard for everything they have earned!

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