Friday, March 19, 2010

Feline BMI.....Progress Report

After two solid weeks of no dry food, I am happy to report that Bob has lost approximately 0.7 lbs and Poopie has lost 0.4. Smudge ( clinic cat) had lost 0.4 as of last Monday. Currently at home we are alternately feeding Pet Promise, Innova, and Wellness with a can of Friskies or Nine-Lives for variety. Smudge is eating Purina DM or Hill's M/d for the most part with a bit of Friskies . :)
The Pet Promise I have only seen at PetCo until recently. Last week it was on sale at Big Lots for a very reasonable $.50 a can. I bought a BUNCH. The EVO from Innova is grain free and is possibly the best choice for diabetic cats, of which mine are not. They like it very well, but it is quite a bit more expensive and at this point, only available at a few places in town. It is easy to find online though, but the shipping may make it cost prohibitive.

Wellness may be the best overall choice for people with multiple cats because it does come in larger cans. If I were going to be out of town and have some one come in to feed, I would likely have them give one of these daily.
A few important points that I have to mention if you are considering going "all wet" with your cat:
1. Watch for loss of muscle mass. They don't need to lose too fast. If you are feeding as much canned as they can eat and are seeming to lose muscle, you will need to increase the quality of the food.
2. Cats do not need food in front of them 24/7. They will probably beg a bit during the first week, but then will become accustomed to the meal feedings.
3. Be sure to keep fresh water available at all times. My cats are not drinking NEARLY the amount of water they once were, so don't wait until it is empty to change it. Do it every day!
4. Per my research, any canned is better than any dry. If you have a cat that is reluctant to eat canned food, then leave a little bit of dry out so that they have a means to survive, but also offer canned food several times daily.
5. If your cat is diabetic, watch closely for signs of hypoglycemia. You may need to talk to your veterinarian about the dosing of insulin. Of course, I suggest always that you consult your doctor about any change in the care of your diabetic pet, whether that be food or medications.
Let me know how it is going for your cat ( via comments) and what you are feeding.......I'd really love to know.

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