Sunday, December 19, 2010

Three Holidays.......

Ok, I apologize for seemingly dropping off the face of the earth, but it has been a busy time for us. I have to admit that many days, quick facebook updates are as far as I get!
I bribed the kids into letting me take some cute snaps this morning at church. They were pretty cooperative when they found out that it involved opening ONE small present!

Don't her eyes say, "Hurry up already!

Kristy Kringle spent a little time at school, then took the kids to visit Santa.

We spent Thanksgiving at the Mississippi Sheriff's Boy's Ranch with the extended family.
It was a great day of food, family, and ponies!

Fall photo ........ some days they cooperate without a huge bribe!

Halloween skirt I made for the chicklet to wear to school.

Packing for the dog show in Decatur. Honestly, Joey ( right) gets excited when he sees the suitcase come out. He and Brady both went to Decatur. Brady won his breed and a group 4 in the B match!

In Benton, Arkansas, on Halloween weekend, the little duo won the grand prize in the costume contest.

That weekend, she got a Select on her Joey, but she also had a nice single point win for a lady with pugs who recruited her to show a dog for her. It was a dog that was brought just to build the points for another dog who was hopefully going to win, but as it turned out, the kid di da good job and got the point on the little filler dog.

As you can see, we stay busy. All of the usual cooking and crafting is still going on.....
I promise to be better about updating both
Facebook and MMS in the new year. Hold me to it!

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