Thursday, April 1, 2010

As If We Weren't Already Gone to the Dogs......

A sweet friend of mine called the other day and said that she had gotten a new puppy and was going on a sudden trip out of town for a few days. Before old and forgetful Aunt Lisa checked her schedule, she said, " Well, just leave that baby with me. Puff can come too. " ( Puff is the gorgeous vision of loveliness below. She was one of my little "pickups" from many years ago. She was just a pup then, and ended up with my sweet friend. )
So, as soon as I hang up the phone, I remembered that my OTHER sweet friend ( who spends half her life in Jamaica and the other half at the airport) was headed out to Beloved this week and we were to be keeping the yorkies TOO! Ok...quick math. 4 chihuahuas + 1 dachshund + 1 aussie + 2 poodles + 2 yorkies = CHAOS!!!!!!!!

As it turns out, the "campers " are all getting along fine. Above, Mika ( yorkie) checks out Puff and Tink.
Bindi Su couldn't care less about the dogs here and what they are doing. As long as she can bark along the fence and eat all she wants, she is good.

Princess, the wonder wiener, was less enthused, but agreed to be civil as long as no one interferes with her bedtime. She would like to be in bed 23 3/4 hours of the day. That other 15 minutes she has to devote to potty breaks and eating. Of course, we could get it down to 5 minutes if I would hand feed her in the bed. ( Don't laugh, I used to do it for my maltese)

Lulu, Alli, and Mya have been taking turns with the children going down the slide. Honestly, they like it.

Action shots are hard with my point and shoot, but this is Tink running up for her turn on the slide.

There she is......she is about 2 1/2 lbs and 14 weeks old. I might forget to give her back. We haven't had a poodle in over a year now and sometimes I miss that fuzzy hair.

Puff is showing her age a bit, but otherwise she is plowing right along with the rest of them.

My boy was trying to show me his school papers, but the puppies wouldn't let him.

This weekend is going to be an adventure for sure. I just know the kids are going to be sitting around the dinner table some day talking about all the times when we had 10 dogs for the weekend, or a deer fawn in the garage, or a turtle in a bucket or a rabbit in a swimming pool. At least I hope they do! :)

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